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BE PROUD OF YOURSELF, but don’t do things to make others jealous on purpose.  When someone is jealous of us, it makes us feel like we’re better than them or we’ve got something they don’t.  Stop if you find yourself doing things just to make others  jealous and make yourself feel good.  It is so childish.
DO IGNORE THEM.  Easier said than done, but really, if they choose to be jealous, it is useless trying to change the way they feel about you.
DON’T BECOME A MEAN GIRL.  Jealous people usually show their jealousy by ignoring you or teasing you to a hurtful point.  It is tempting to scheme some sweet vengeance, but learn to smile through it and still be good to them.
BUILD THEM UP.  Jealousy is sometimes insecurity in disguise, so boost their self-esteem and remind them of how great they really are and there is no reason to be jealous and mad of your.

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