Your Celebrity Prom Hair Inspiration

I have a confession to make.  Because I went to a conservative "all-girl" Catholic High School run by nuns, we did not have a Prom Night.  Seriously.  A group of students tried to organize one, but the principal (who still heads the school, by the way :) ) found out and stopped the planning, literally scolding the girls who tried to stage the prom, insisting that having one is against the S.O. (Social Orientation) thrust of the school. 

I don't know if the students in my old school have Prom now. Times did change.  It is not an all-girl school anymore, but with still the same Principal, though. I have heard somewhere that they have been allowed to have a prom, but in the morning lol.

In my older daughter's school, though (U.B. Science High School), having a Prom is a part of their tradition, though they call it "Banquet".  She and her friends had a blast settling on their prom dress and their hairstyle.

Here are their Celebrity inspirations:

Emma Watson's Up-style 


  • Part your hair on one side.  Frame your face with sweet side-swept bangs. 
  • Gather your locks above your ear and pull into a high, tight ponytail. Twist your locks around the base to create a bun and pin it in place.
  • Make your bun a bit more modern by carefully slipping on a stylish headband about two inches from your hairline.  Finish with a light hairspray.

Selena Gomez' Sleek Hairstyle

  • Try to use a shampoo and conditioner that will aid in straightening strands and fighting frizz.  
  • Divide your hair into a half-ponytail.  Run a flat iron over the lower part first, then repeat the process on the top half.  Apply serum from mid-length to ends to boost shine.

Blake Lively's Boho Braids

  • Apply mousse to your hair midway down and tightly braid your strands.  Leave it on for about two hours before releasing to create loose waves.
  • Part your locks a little off-center and mist a light hair spray to retain your waves.  Then, gather a one-inch chunk of hair near the part.  Braid it until you reach the ends.

Drew Barrymore's Disheveled 'Do

  •  Wash hair then blow dry.  Spritz a texturizing spray onto dry strands.
  • Tease your hair with fine-toothed comb to make it unruly.  Use your fingers to gather strands into a messy bun.
  • Set a unique headpiece (such as a feathered or printed headband)just above your crown.

Jessica Alba's Sexy Ponytail

  • Create volume on top by misting the roots with hairspray and teasing it with a mix-bristled brush.
  • Use the same brush to smoothen your hair back.  Gather it into a mid-ponytail and secure with a simple hair tie.
  • Curl the length of the hair with a large-barreled curling iron.  Wrap a small section of your hair around the hair tie to finish.

Taylor Swift's Luscious Waves

  • Part your hair in the center.  To help your hair hold its coils, skip washing for the day and apply a smilig foam from all over your strands.
  • Starting from the ends, wrap sections around a curling iron.  Roll it in a spiral shape until you reach ear level.  Hold for about 10 seconds before releasing.
  • Loosely pin the top half back and secure it with a fancy clip.  Finish by misting strands with a shine spray.

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  1. I love the hairstyles. Simple is best.

    One that I love is a simple french curl in the back accented with a few sweet flowers (stephanotis, or baby's breath). Very elegant, fresh and clean.

  2. Me too, never went to a prom, also coming from an all-girls' school managed by nuns. Not that I mind. I'm not the partying, social animal then....and even now hehehe. I like more intimate gatherings with family and close friends rather than those bonggacious events.

    Of hairstyles, I don't think many could pull off that messy do by Drew. Specially with dark hair, it will all just look well, messy hahaha! Emma's hairdo is cute.

  3. The young ladies have lots of choices... they will still look pretty because I always believe in the beauty of youth. As we grow older, we stay away from the messy look!

  4. great hair do's, lots of choices
    i like jessica alba's ponytail

  5. I like jessica alba's sext's simple and clean but anyway, there are lots of hair style choices these days.. Rosemarie/Gven-Rose

  6. During my sister's prom night, I was the one who arranged her hair. Just make a ponytail, twist making a swirly hair, fastened with tons of hair pins and put some gel to hold it and leave some spikes.
    Her classmates liked here hair ans asked what saloon did he went for the hair.

  7. I love Emma Watson's style. She's always classy looking. I remember my high school prom. I looked so mannang with my long sleeved dress.

  8. Great set of hair styles! I like Blake's the most, so girly and stylish!

  9. I also love the Emma Watson's Up-Style! Always elegant..:) Nothing much to remember on my high school prom. I'm not that popular and walang ka date hahaha..

  10. I didn't experience a prom night too. We had one but with our fellow students and we were all girls too! Hanggang tingin na lang sa picture with great hair ang ginagawa ko. I sincerely do not know how to fix my hair until I opted to cut is short (forever) :)

  11. Taylor Swift's do would work for me... --- years ago, that is. hahaha!

  12. I like the one on Jessica Alba. Wow, I can't imagine a prom...morning, hehhe, it's awkward.

  13. I know. Proms in the morning do look awkward. haha

  14. I like Jessica Alba's and Emma Watsons. I hope I can wake up looking like that.

  15. I've never been to a prom before. I'm almost done with college and I haven't experience this. Too bad.

    Emma Watson is lovely as ever. I want here style and Jessica Alba too.

  16. Emma Watson's hair is love. I have been to prom twice. The first one was not so good. Imagine the seniors just dress casually and nakarubber shoes when the code should be formal - gowns and suits. They did that to insult us as we have clashed kasi sa aming PMT e.

    Mommy Maye

  17. If I could go back in time, I'd definitely go for Emma or Blake's hairstyle during my prom experience.

    Oh, and if you're interested in exchanging links and/or follow each other on GFC, let me know through my blog.


  18. oh my son's prom will be tomorrow
    but if i have to choose i like emma's

  19. My all girl Catholic hs also didn't have an official prom, but we had one anyway in our Senior year. wala atang teachers and nuns if i remember correctly. Pero some parents were there kasi supported by the PTA. I wish it were more memorable for me though. hehe. Love the hairstyles you posted :)

  20. i really mean to learn how Boho Braid is done. it looks so stunning.

    -anne lei

  21. I'm going for Emma Watson and Taylor Swift - they are both so simple yet very sweet and a real classic! <3 I so love those hairstyles

  22. wow!!! seriously? I guess we are still lucky, i went to a private catholic school runs by nuns too but luckily we have JS proms... at least we did enjoy them, but we have to ensure we wear proper dress code or we will end up going to guidance counselor's office

  23. Emma Watson has really blossomed to be a fine woman. Her look would definitely be great for proms.

  24. I wish I could pull off Blake's hair style hehehe Laging lang nakabuyangyang ang hair ko, the's the only style I know how to do lol.

  25. What a timing! I just dropped my kiddo in her school today for their Grad Ball pictorial. The Grad Ball/Prom Night as well, will be in May but they are already taking solo pictorials of the candidates for Graduation of the senior kids. I fixed her hair in a side sweep/side bun. We both woke up so early so I can work on her hair and get it right. You can find many styles in the internet and on how to do them too.

    I think, hairstyles should depend as well on the type of the gown your kiddo is wearing. Mine will wear something one shoulder and asymmetrical. I'll have her hair done by the pro then ;) Most likely, loose layers of wavy curls. I'll leave it to the expert to fix her hair.