Your 7 Days To Prom Night Beauty Countdown

February may be the Love Month.  But it is also the time when you young girls go to the prom!  While you wait in anticipation, why don't you try to do one simple beauty task a day?  This will help you be in your way to a perfect prom night!

Seven Days to Go...



Seven days before your prom is the perfect time to have your hair or your bangs trimmed or cut.  This will make your cut look fresh on your special day, especially if your bangs got touched up a lot :).  You can also have your brows shaped and your underarm fuzz and legs waxed.

You can also ask for help from your hairstylist on finding your perfect prom hairstyle.  Show your hairstylist what prom clothes you will be wearing and maybe, she can suggest the prom hairstyle that will go with it.  

Six Days to Go...

Stressing over Prom Night may bring on those breakouts.  Try not to overly think about prom night because this may bring unwanted zits or rashes.  Try to wash your face with a tried and tested face cleanser.  Zits do crop out at the most unfortunate time, so be on the lookout for them.  If you see one, spot-treat it immediately with a pimple cream that is proven to work, of course.  You may use a scrub on your face to score a glowing complexion, but do not scrub so hard.  Use a light moisturizer and eye-cream.

Never ever try beauty products that you have not used yet.  Even if it says it is hypo-allergenic, there is always the possibility that your skin will react.  You wouldn't want to end up going to the prom with a full fledged rash map on your face, would you?  

Five Days to Go...


A lot of your ladies are going to do a DIY.  If you will be doing your own makeup, try to practice way ahead of time.  This will help you figure out how long you need to prepare and get ready.  

Practice makes perfect.  Decide on what look you want and how much makeup you really need to get the effect you want.  Try to look for magazine or internet photos of makeup you can copy, too.  A lot have actually learned to do their makeup perfectly by just watching at youtube!

Four Days to Go...

Your hair should look soft and shiny of your big night.  Pamper them by going for a "Hair Reborn" treatment at your favorite salon.  

You can also DIY by pampering your locks with hair masks or conditioner which you can buy at the drug store.  After shampooing, gently squeeze out water and apply the cream on your hair.  Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap and then wrap a hot towel (I usually nuke the wet towel on the microwave.  Be careful.  It could scald you if it is too hot!).  Rinse your hair, preferably with cold water, after fifteen to thirty minutes. 

Three Days to Go...


You can have radiant skin by getting rid of dead cells that can make your skin look dull and rough.  Rub a body scrub on your dry skin for around three minutes.  Rinse off.  Apply your favorite lotion immediately to lock in moisture.  

Two Days to Go...

Clean and pretty nails are an absolute must!  Have your nails done the day before your prom.  This will lessen the chances of you having nails that look chipped and ugly.  


You are all set on your big night!  Start preparing at least three to four hours before you have to leave.  You won't want to be pressed for time and end up with uneven brows or unmatched stockings.  Also, make sure you have a powder foundation to stave off grease and makeup smudges, lip gloss, breath  mints and a small bottle of perfume.

Have fun!

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  1. I'm sure a lot of highschool students are looking forward for this event. I was in Saudi Arabia and was there all through out Elementary upto HS. Since we're in a Muslim country, we are restricted to have such events because of limited venues. I only experienced Senior Prom. When I was in Junior years, they had to suspend the event. KJ noh? hehehe!

  2. This even is one of the best moments in hghschool life and they are really preparing for this one.

  3. great post, suddenly my prom nights experience flashes back ahaha

  4. Cool tips on how to prepare for a PROM. I didn't really go to one in my time but it will be cool to see how the kids prepare for theirs in the future.

  5. I remember having a stubborn zit on my prom day, ang saya diba? :)

  6. These are helpful tips for those who will be having a prom. I was super shy then and so I regret that I don't enjoy the prom that much.

    Mommy Maye

  7. i don't enjoy prom nights before. Anyway, your tips can also be applied to some events like graduations,wedding day or debut perhaps.


  8. Do high school girls really prepare for it for a wekk? I remember we were simpler then. I was happy to hear that for the Ateneo De Zamboanga, they only wore cocktail dress... although, my son still wore the suit!

  9. waahh.. i miss preparing for prom! i want to wear a gown again. hehe

  10. Lastly, relax and enjoy the moment when THE DAY comes.

  11. Yes, I agree with Rizza and hope the kids just enjoy this special moment...really wanted to observe!

  12. my son will be having his prom next week, i wonder what his beauty tasks hehe

  13. Great tips, not just for proms but for special occasions like weddings as well! :)

  14. I never experienced a proper prom night coz my classmates were all girls :(

    These are great tips though. Nag prom na ba daughter mo?

  15. Farida, we also didnt have a prom. We were in an allgirl school run by nuns and when the nuns found out we were planning a prom, nagalit sila.

    My daughter had hers in junior and senior years but in their high school , it is a tradition called "Banquet" but it's just another name I guess for prom night :)

  16. I never did this... i just wen to the salon on the day itself and had my hair and make up done by a stylist who really made me so pretty that night (ehem). :-)

  17. Oh, prom. Makes me reminisce about my experience before. This is a pretty useful post for high schoolers. :)

  18. prom is an event that worth attending..your post will surely be helpful to those who will be attending the prom night..Rosemarie/Gven-Rose

  19. Oh my... prom night. It feels like ages ago but I still remember how nice the feeling was when I was preparing for the party.

  20. great tips. my cousin went to the prom for the first tie this year.

  21. Proms are exciting! I wish we had two prom nights in highschool but the one we did have wasn't even so memorable for me. hehe :)