New Year Basics

Holiday Season-so done.  It is time to transition from the lazy last days of December and into jammin' January.  For most of us folks, that means diving back into work!

No matter what the change of season means to you, these simple reminders will help prepare and empower you for the busy days ahead.


January for me brings busy days.  Year-end reports to cram for, personnel appraisals, starting work that I should have done last month, but did not because I was on vacation.  For most of us, free time may become a luxury as we struggle to get back into work mode.  Since January marks new beginnings, this month marks the perfect opportunity to prepare yourself to face head on the busy months ahead.  Stock up your energy by resting when you can.  Take your vitamins, watch your diet and get plenty of exercise.  And, here's my favorite, stocking up for me means going to year-end sales to stock up on clothes which cost 50 to 80 percent less than the original price.  Ladies, retail therapy rocks! 

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Try to get some "me" time.  "Me" times may be few, but make the most of it.  Go read a good book, get a foot or body massage, get a facial, meet up for lunch or dinner with good friends.  You will feel more alert, refreshed and ready to nail all those work obligations and social engagements.  

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No matter how limited your resources are, you  have the enduring strength, compassion and dedication to face even the most difficult moments of your life.  Build on your inner strength and realize that you are worthy, a very special person!

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  1. yey!!! new start are always the best!!! :-) positive vibes to us! :D

  2. Well said Mommy Marie. I love reading your blog Mommy, you write well and you inspire people like me. :)

  3. I've got too many backlogs at work, too. Losing some pounds gained during the holidays is on top of my list though. lol

  4. Last year, January is my damage control month but now, happy to say that not much damage done in terms of weight gain, blood pressure...just that I am so lazy to get up early hehehe...still transitioning.

    This month, I'm just going back to the breathing properly for good health. :-)

  5. So I am not alone who got a lot of catching up to do... good luck to all of us.. Rosemarie/Gven-Rose

  6. Thanks for these tips. I started my new year right but now it is slipping away so quickly. I am suppose to be in bed by ten thirty and it's almost eleven wahhh..

  7. You've said it sis Marie - empowerment! That's my goal this year. Also, I'm still a bit slack even if the work and household chores are creeping but I'll shake it off very soon as reality starts to bite back. Retail therapy is in the offing too. I need to recharge fast and my greatest recharger is shopping!

  8. this is quite a good post to start the year..thanks for sharing sis!

  9. I need that recharge thing. I need it in order to make sure that I'm still good to go with everything.

  10. Great tips to start the 2014! :) Will take note of this.

  11. Great advice and I intend to stay empowered this year.
    No more excuse! Happy 2014!

  12. Oh gosh I haven't really had a 'me" time for a long time now. I want to of course. But I just couldn't. My kids are still young, and my husband also is very busy.