Managing Your To-Do List

A lot of mommy bloggers I know are big fans of To-Do-Lists.  Not me.  Yet. Even if I keep collecting all these Starbucks planners every year.

They just end up empty the whole year because 1.)  they look too beautiful to write on and 2.) I have a ton of other planners (it probably is the easiest thing to give for Christmas!)that I would write a to-do list on different planners I won’t even remember where my to-do list is.
Now, you know why I procrastinate too much.  I don’t plan for my day.
Not that I don’t feel the need to have a to-do list (believe me, my brain gets so mixed up I can’t totally rely on my fried grey matter to remember everything).  I really feel I should.  Because I am a working mother and I have a lot of things to accomplish (which should have been written on my to-do list in the first place).  I am swamped and I feel overwhelmed.
I do try to make a to-do list, which happens every Monday of the week.  The problem is that my list is very long, and a lot of times, the tasks on the list never gets done (most especially if it has the word “workout “on it!).  I feel really great checking items off the list, especially if it involves tasks like “shopping” and “slack-off for one hour” (I do list those for my sanity, honestly!), but I feel really horrible having items that are never ticked off. I really feel I just wasted my energy writing them, without actually doing something to make them happen.
This year, I plan on becoming a big fan of To-Do Lists and I resolve to write on my Planner, even if it looks so pretty to write on.
But, I will ditch the long to-do list. 
I would be making a very short to-do list, classifying them from the very urgent to less urgent (now, let me figure out where I will put “workout”).
I will just be deciding on one task that needs to be accomplished immediately.  Like that month-end report that needs to be turned in within two days.  Then, I will concentrate on finishing that single task, pushing everything else aside. 
After that, I will concentrate on routine tasks which need to get done. 
My little boy, who is on Christmas break has been making a sort of to-do list a while ago, by the way (he probably got it from his Dad’s side haha):
Adrian: “Mom, look at the things I am going to do tomorrow.”
I looked at his list and decided to teach him a lesson in preparing a schedule.
Me: “I think it would be better if you put a time frame on how long you are going to do your task.”
I grabbed his pencil and told him how my daily schedule is.  So, I was blabbering about how my day would be and what I plan to do, plus my list was getting very long, too, when I noticed he was giving me a look.
“Mom, can I get my pencil back now? I  already know that.”

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  1. Hi there! Came over through NaBlogPoMo. Why is it that To-Do lists are always SO long and never seem to end? I especially hate those items that keep popping back up after having just gotten checked off (laundry, anyone?). At least now I’m not the only one with a kid who tunes me out about it!

  2. i also make to-do list and irritated if not achieved hahaha
    happy new year ms marie!

  3. I am not a fan of "to do list" that is why when I run out of topic to post I just leave my blog without update..-Rosemarie/Gven-Rose

  4. Good luck in maintaining your to do lists! I find lists to be helpful, although I haven't mastered the use of lists just yet. hehe :) I have a planner dilemma too, which one of four I have for 2013 to actually use. :$

  5. How cute and smart you're little boy is! Planner is a big help to arrange schedules and to-do list. ;) I have Belle de Jour. I planned to get a starbucks planner but I lack 4 stickers. *sigh

  6. Yep, I'm crazy about to do lists. I have it on post its in my workstation, in my notebook which is a starbucks planner that hasn't been used as a planner and in my mobile phone. I have so many lists that I end up missing something.

  7. hehehe.. Mom get your own pen when writing your to-do-list! I like that SB planners, sad wala ako nyan.

  8. I am not good in following list. I don't have the discipline to get stick with. That maybe the reason why I am lost most of the times.

    Mommy Maye